Déjà Lu

Déjà Lu is Crysse Morrison’s collection of 37 short stories about love, life and the peculiarities of relationships.
The titles quickly show the variety: Patsy Gets a Grip, Leonora’s Forte, My Hooded Scream, Paulette’s Mobility and plenty more. Crysse wrote these for publication, broadcast, performance and literary competitions (many were prizewinners), and her creation of characters and use of words show all the characteristics of her wry observations of detail. We almost know these characters, yet they intrigue us. Sadie sighs when someone puts a glass on her bookshelf and “Campari trickles down her Trollopes.” Babette observes that it is “very olde-worlde, pleasuring a lady in your top boots.
Read about buttoned-up Mr Gray abandoning his suit and setting off on an adventure after the decorator fortuitously changed the radio station. Giggle at the naughty ex-wife as she sneezes in the cupboard, and sigh as the past catches up with another. Admire the instinct of a teenager and an elderly blind man finding fun and entertainment in a series of letters; cheer for the invisible granny and her sudden re-invention. You will find the moving, the humorous, the tragic, the surprising, the witty and the quirky.
This collection, stylishly presented with cover artwork by David Moss, is a delight in the same way that a selection box of hand-made chocolates is. You can select and taste the soft-centres, the nutty, the rich and dark, the hard-boiled, the sweet, the fruity and the plain gorgeous. They are all delicious!”
Suzy Howlett, fiction writer and reviewer

Order this Hobnob Press publication (ISBN: 978-1914407109) through your bookshop or for a signed/dedicated copy, contact me on crysse@crysse.com with the address for your order and I’ll send you details for online bank payment.

I’ve sold over fifty short stories in the UK and around the world, some in translation, and been published in magazines and anthologies from IPC to Virago Womens Press, with several broadcast on Radio 4.