Personal Mentoring


“I have found your comments and suggestions totally invaluable and your positive approach has given me great encouragement and increasing confidence in my writing”
David Freedman, Cheshire

Courses and classes, like writers' circles, are great to encourage and inspire the novice, but sometimes time constraints or travel difficulties make personal mentoring a more appropriate option. This is not a prepackaged programme but an individually-negotiated process used by writers at every level of experience.

I've provided postal advice and guidance for several years now, and have seen my correspondents go on to publish novels, short stories and poems.

Postal mentoring is flexible in time-scale and purpose, and is used by writers seeking:

  • one-off advice on any aspect of writing or publishing

  • advice on a short story for publication or competition

  • feedback on writing style for work aimed at the commercial market

  • advice on novel structure and genre

  • supervision over a longer period to bring a project to conclusion

  • editorial critique of work which will be self-published
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Rate: £40 for 3000-5000 words—contact by email first.