new novel summer 2022

It’s the end of the 20th Century and Blair’s England is thriving – especially in the affluent south. And where could be a more delightful place to settle than the South-West, with the mellow elegance of Bath and the rural vista of its rivers, woods, and fields? People have owned and worked this land throughout centuries, before planes or pesticides, but to the migrant ‘blow-ins’ it’s a peaceful backwater: internet entrepreneurs, ex-hippy wanderers, nature-loving city-dwellers, they’ve blown here like tumbleweed to follow their dreams in this painterly paradise. But life is not like art.

“Funny, sharp and moving, a vivid and intriguing read. The characters are brilliantly rendered, the storyline moves along effortlessly, and the cumulative effect is triumphant.” – Frances Liardet, author of the international best-seller We Must Be Brave