Frozen Summer 

Forgetting is terrifying...remembering might be worse.

"Absolutely stunning—a really brilliant, unputdownable book"
Katie Fforde

"The kind of book that will never go out of fashion: a good psychological thriller pacily told...
Morrison's debut proves her a superb storyteller"
Liz Wilson, The Times

"Had me completely absorbed from the first page"
Joanne Harris

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Published & reprinted in UK by Hodder & Stoughton: translated for sale in France, Germany and Holland, and First Film Rights option sold.

Fresh Talent ~ The Times review

By Crysse Morrison

AFTER THE much-imitated dominant fiction trends of last year, it is refreshing to start 2000 with the kind of book that will never go out of fashion: a good psychological thriller, pacily told. Crysse Morrison is spot on with the story of Kirsten (or Kirsty, or Kate), a young mother who wakes up after a knock on the head to find that she has lost all memory of the past decade. Her sense of disorientation is total: how could she have married Clyde, not her type at all? Who is Janey, the child who calls her Mummy? And how did her accident happen? Morrison leads her protagonist slowly along a path of discovery, creating a sense of displacement that chills the reader, tautly revealing scraps of information, some unpleasant, some shocking, that grip every step of the way. With echoes of Helen Dunmore, Morrison's debut proves her a superb storyteller.


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Sleeping in Sand

"As intense and absorbing as her first book, this novel must not be missed. Confirming her reputation as one of the finest psychological writers of today, lyrical yet spare, delicate yet powerful."
Kirsty Fowkes

"Morrison's talent is in rendering the ordinary extraordinary and in making every detail of a life, indeed, every life, seem important and noteworthy. The end is truly spine-tingling."
Writers News

"Crysse Morrison has done it again—produced a book which tantalises till the last page."
Sue Jones

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