One Act Plays

Fixing It
Produced by Stepping Out Theatre Company 2014 in Media Monsters double bill
January 28th - February 8th at the Alma Tavern Theatre

A darkly funny and movingly insightful psychological drama about changing sexual mores and eroded personal ideals, unfolding under the shadow of events since Jimmy Savile’s death.

“Timely, deeply thought-provoking... excellent” ~ The Fine Times Recorder

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Produced by Stepping Out Theatre Company 2012
May 29th - June 9th at the Alma Tavern Theatre

When kidnap victim Natascha Kampusch walked out of Wolfgang Priklopil’s life and into a media frenzy, the story she told was not the one the world wanted to hear. She refused to condemn her captor, and even wept at his grave... And now a young journalist is researching this notorious Austrian kidnap case. As her obsession grows, it reveals a frightening web of connections in her own life.

A darkly comic, tender and shocking love story.
Running time time 65 mins.

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Consulting with Chekhov at the Alma Tavern 2010
Rehearsed reading in Theatre West Autumn season

Doctor Darling is rarely surprised by strange behaviour until the night his ex-lover dressed as Peter Pan flies in on a mission of revenge. It’s a tricky situation, but perhaps even more difficult for Sadie, as she tries to work out what happens next from best theatrical principles, with both her characters in revolt against her.

Dark comedy, running time time 50 mins.