First Cut Theatre Company

First Cut Theatre Company formed in 1996 and quickly acquired a strong reputation for devising characters who create magical worlds around them. Performances led naturally to exciting workshops for audiences of every age group. Annabelle and Crysse now work together as Feet First.


For Slippy and his Mudchug friends, Mudworld is a happy place filled with stories, songs and playfulness. But what if one day everything started changing ? What would Slippy do then ?

"…nothing happens outside Mudworld… does it ?"

An enchanting and unusual story about the magical power of the creative imagination, devised and brought to performance by the First Cut Theatre Company of Frome.
For children aged 4 - 7 years.
Performance time 25 minutes approximately.
Workshops also available.

Some comments from teachers:
'vibrant, original, mesmeric'

'Absolutely brilliant - both myself and the children thoroughly enjoyed it.'

'Through enjoyment the children have subconsciously learned so much.'

Shows children how to enjoy poetry!
Key Stage 2 recommended

A play for children 8 years and over which explores fun with words and poetry.

People are so careless with words! To the Wordcatcher all words are treasure, so every carelessly discarded word is sorted out to be recycled into poetry. Some are cooperative but today's unusually lively lot present the Wordcatcher with his most difficult challenge ever…

A wilder than usual look at environmental problems.
Ages 6-9

Traffic Master has a problem. His home town is disappearing under a smog of exhaust fumes, the children are sickly and the 'metal mules' are outnumbering the people. What ideas can the schoolchildren of Frome come up with to help?

"inspirational and educational…"

Devised for Traffic Awareness week, Summer 1997

Available for booking

An exploration of dilemmas around identity and culture.
For adolescents and personal development groups

Supported by the national lottery through the Arts Council of England

On the shorelines of a distant place a lonely girl turns to the sea for company. Questions that have troubled her all her life become urgent as confrontations reach crisis, until the mystical intervention of a stranger leads her to a new understanding. She finds the truth is more extraordinary than she ever dreamed...

"Did you see her?" - out till all hours."
"She's strange. And the mother's got no control"
"doesn't listen to a word she says"
'"Strange, they're both strange..."

Tidelines combines the timeless magic of story-telling with the visual impact of physical theatre. Myths of the fabulous silkies are mingled with the powerful story of an adolescent's quest for identity in this extraordinary new production which is both entertaining and thought-provoking.